User Guide for Core TestNet

This user guide is for Core TestNet. For Core MainNet, please read our medium post Add Core to MetaMask .
Everything built on TestNet is only used for testing. Please do not use for real transactions.

Setup Wallet

You need to install a wallet to test on Core Chain TestNet. We recommend using MetaMask, which is the most well known crypto wallet in the world. You can google the steps to install the wallet and setup accounts. Here is an example:

Add Core TestNet

Once the wallet is setup, you can add Core Chain TestNet into network settings. Open MetaMask, go to Settings->Networks and click the “Add Network” button:
If you are using a chrome wallet, there is a shortcut for you to add the network. Visit, scroll down to bottom and click the “Add Core Network” button. The wallet will pop up with all network information loaded - you just need to confirm and approve.

Rebrand Updates

Satoshi Chain/BTCs have been rebranded to CORE Chain/CORE respectively. If you added the TestNet before the rebrand event, you need to update Network Name and Currency Symbol in the MetaMask settings manually; otherwise they won’t change. Go to Settings->Network, click the TestNet to open up the network settings. Update Network Name and Currency Symbol and click the Save button.

Fetch tCORE

Visit, fill in your address to get 1 tCORE. One address can only fetch 1 tCORE from the faucet each day. tCORE are only used for testing and it is without any value, please do not use it for real transactions.
After the faucet transaction is successfully saved in a block, you can check the balance change in the wallet.

Send tCORE

You can send tCORE to other addresses from MetaMask.

Verify Transactions on Chain

You can find and verify the transactions on chain from by searching for your address. The below snapshot shows the above two transactions:
  • Fetch tCORE from faucet
  • Send tCORE to another address