Building on Core

Getting started with Web3 development

Core is 100% EVM compatible and supports all the tools and frameworks familiar to Web3 developers, such as Remix and Hardhat. Developers can easily port over existing EVM-compatible applications and use common development practices to update, deploy, and manage their dApps.

In addition to the Core-specific tools found on the Quick Links page, we recommend that new Web3 developers learn and incorporate the following external tools:

External ToolsDescription

Widely adopted Smart Contract programming language.

Powerful tool for rapid Smart Contract prototyping.

Popular EVM development environment.

Leading self-custodial web wallet.

Front-end SDKs for EVM development

Back-end SDKs for EVM development

Audited library of common Smart Contract building blocks.

Multi-sig secured digital asset management platform.

P2P sharing protocol for data storage and distribution.

In the following pages, we'll walk through some of the most popular tools and explore common Solidity development standards, such as ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.

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