Introduction to the Core API

CoreScan is the official blockchain explorer, API, and analytics platform for the CORE blockchain. We've developed the CoreScan Open APIs as a means of providing equitable access to Core's blockchain data. This empowers developers to directly access CoreScan's block explorer data and services via standard GET and POST requests. CoreScan's APIs are provided as a community service and without warranty, so please use what you need and no more.

Unless you're using the CoreScan API for personal or private usage, you must include a backlink or a mention that your app is "Powered by CoreScan APIs".

API Endpoints

Your app may need to show a user's CORE balance, check the transaction history of an address 🔍, or get the latest information about a new token and its price 💰. For these and similar use cases, our wide range of APIs allow you to simply query for this data, meaning you can remain fully focused on building your applications.


There is an overwhelming amount of data 📈 that can be extracted from the CORE Chain. We've helped you take the first steps by writing some thorough tutorials on how to query and derive popular blockchain metrics. For power users, we've also added guides on topics such as programmatically verifying contracts through API calls, along with more advanced use cases.

Support & FAQ

Our curated list of support articles covers common questions you may have on topics such as rate limits 🚧 , common error messages ⛔, and API key usage. If your issue is unique or you need more clarification, feel free to reach out to us via our discord.

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