How to Delegate CORE

You can delegate tCORE to validators to share system rewards with them.


Visit stake page
On this page, you can find the information of all the validators. Each validator can accept both hash delegate and coin delegate. All the validators on the page are ranked by hybrid score. The system picks the top 21 validators with the highest scores to form the validator set in each round. Hybrid scores are calculated using
S = hash_percentage * m + coin_percentage * (1 - m)
where m is a dynamic weighting factor initially set to 2/3. Validator information is refreshed at the beginning of each round, which happens at 00:00 am UTC every day.
For explanations of terminologies on the page, please click the information mark i .


Choose a validator and click the Detail button to view more information about this validator.
If you want to delegate to this validator, click the Delegate→DelegateCoin button on the top left. You need to connect to your MetaMask wallet to proceed with the delegation.
After you successfully delegated to a validator, you can find your total delegated amount under the Coin tab and the corresponding delegate transactions under the CoinRecord tab. You can delegate to more than one validator.
If you want to cancel the delegation and get your tCORE back, click the Undelegate→UndelegateCoin button and sign the transaction.

Claim Rewards

The delegate takes effect at the next round and the reward distribution of each round happens at 00:00 am UTC each day. As a result, you can collect your first reward in no more than 2 days.
Click my staking on the top right. You will see your reward information on each validator you delegate to.
Click the Claim button on the top left. Sign the transaction to claim your rewards. After you successfully claim rewards, you can check the corresponding transaction under the the Claim tab.