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Future Explorations

Scaling and Cross-Chain

Where Core is fully EVM compatible, we can leverage scaling solutions from Ethereum and other compatible chains, ex various types of rollups. We also may choose to go down a Polkadot or Cosmos style L0 relay vs hub chain model. The future of scaling is bright, and we plan to incorporate the best technologies from other chains as research matures.

Enhanced Security

While the round-robin nature of block production provides certain security benefits, it also involves tradeoffs. For example, by having a known ordering in advance, the protocol isn’t susceptible to an entire category of potential randomness exploits, but the block-producing validator is fully known which may lead to more focused attacks. In response, we are focusing on ways to improve block production. Particularly, the research around single secret leader election [HG] that chains like ETH are also exploring is of great interest.